Dolphin Circle Waterbirth Tubs

Dolphin Circle Waterbirth Tubs A waterbirth is a natural, gentle, pain-reducing, fulfilling, and empowering birthing experience. Mother and infant start out their new life together in a relaxing and deeply familiar environment: warm water.

Albuquerque Homebirth utilizes tub kits for waterbirth. The tub kit is included in our homebirth services or you can purchase one for your own use.

See our waterbirthing section for more information about the benefits of home waterbirths. Used in many hospitals and birthing centers across the country!

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Dolphin Circle Waterbirth Tub Kit Testimonials:


"Since I'm six feet tall, the Dolphin Circle Watertub Kitâ„¢ was much more comfortable for me than the bathtub, and deeper, too. My contractions in the water were much more manageable than out - the difference was incredible! I felt more in control of my labor process. As long as I was in the tub, my contractions were less painful. I wouldn't want to have a baby any other way!" - L.B.

Nodding with my sleeping angel

Waterbirth tub"For us, a home waterbirth was enormously satisfying. Labor is stressful enough. Rather than dealing with the hassle of rushing to the hospital and managing to get admitted, my husband was able to swiftly set up the tub and I could relax inthe warm water in the comfort and familiarity of my own home. With the arrival of my midwife and her assistant, I had full attention and no aggravation. Best of all my husband was beside me at every moment. Although the labor was still wearying, one contraction out of the tub was enough to convince me that I would have been utterly exhausted with pain without the tub. After the birth, my baby was never more than five feet from me, and soon I could settle in my own bed, nodding with my sleeping angel." - A&SB

Start bonding as a family immediately

Laboring in the Dolphin Circle Tub was wonderful. I felt like I was much more in control of my contractions. Everything seemed to progress much faster than things with my son, whom I had in the hospital. I loved being at home with my husband and sons right after the birth. We were able to start bonding as a family immediately. I wouldn't have it any other way. - E.L.

Many successful water births in the tub

Just a quick note to say that the waterbirth pool is still working beautifully for us, we have just helped our 7th mum have a wonderful birth in water in the pool so far. We had thought about getting a permanent pool/spa but we've found this design to be just perfect for the mums we serve. In June we loaned it to a 1st timer at home, she had one of those long arduous labours that we see with primips but in the end the water was just wonderful as usual. We literally have no tears (lacerations) the only mum who tore had delivered out of water. I know that she would have stretched better if only she'd used water. So thanks again for the great spa, praying that we will have many more successful waterbirths. Sunny greetings, - Kathy Neblett

Click here for more information on the Dolphin Circle Waterbirth tub kit and online ordering.